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Taking care of First Responders is our main priority
Chris Steward photo

Chris Steward

President | Founder

Chris is a retired Minneapolis Police Sergeant. He spent 14+ years with Minneapolis. 11 of those years were in North Minneapolis as a patrol Officer. He also spent time in the Weapons Unit as an investigator, was on the FBI Safe Street Unit and served on SWAT. Chris medically retired in 2021

Brian Hasselman photo

Brian Hasselman


Brian is a retired Burnsville Police Officer of 12 years. Brian spent 8 years as a K9 handler. Brian medically retired in 2018. He is now an advocate for both active and retired officers who have been injured in the line of duty.

Mike Dahl


Mike was in the fishing tackle business for 20 years with his business Outkast Tackle, Inc.  Since selling his business in 2022 Mike has focused on helping support others trying to start businesses as well as supporting H3 with his business background.

Annalee Tupy


Annalee is a LEO widow, mother, high school counselor and most importantly, absolutely loves Jesus. Annalee and Bryan had their son Desmond in October of 2020, before Bryan’s sudden death in July of 2021. While being married to Bryan  (MPD#608) Annalee experienced first hand how PTSD can impact the lives of first responders and their loved ones. Annalee has always been passionate, now especially since Bryan’s death, about the lives, respect, equality and voice of our first responders. Annalee is honored to be a part of such a mission that is dedicated to serving and protecting them in return.

Jennfer Yackey photo

Jennifer Yackley


Jen Yackley is a partner at Meuser, Yackley & Rowland, P.A., the state's leading law firm for first responders dealing with in the line of duty injuries. Jen has been advocating for first responders in the legal field for 15 years and is honored to serve on the board of H3

Louis Nanne photo

Louis Nanne


Although he is not a first responder, Lou has a heart for this mission as he has a family member who struggled with PTSD following his tenure with MPD. Lou currently runs the P&C Insurance division for NFP MN.  He has two kids, Nico (3) and Enzo (1), and is married to his wife Ali of 4 years.

Hollie Jones


Hollie has been a Paramedic with Hennepin County Medical Center since 2008. She has been in EMS since 2002. She worked in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina for 2 years at Acadian Ambulance. Hollie was a volunteer with Hennepin County Water Patrol for 3 years. While in New Orleans she spent some time working with organ donation and helping families through the process. She has experience teaching BLS, ALS and CPR.

Samantha steward


Sam is an associate attorney at Meuser, Yackley & Rowland, P.A.  She works primarily in litigation and has represented individual and corporate plaintiffs, defendants, and municipalities.

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