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Heroes Helping Heroes is dedicated to providing support for all First Responders, both active and retired.

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Why H3 Exists

Only superseded by our military, Law Enforcement, Firefighter and EMS are the jobs most associated with PTSD in the United States.

According to the Department of Justice, “an estimated 15 percent of Law Enforcement officers suffer from PTSD” and those are just the percent of Law Enforcement professionals who are willing to come forward or seek help. This number is expected to skyrocket as both society and Law Enforcement becomes more willing to accept PTSD and disregard the stigma associated with being diagnosed with the disorder.

April 17, 2024

Spring Turkey Hunting

Rush City, McGregor, and Faribault, Minnesota.

June 2, 2024

City Heat motorcycle ride

Lexington, Minnesota

June 6, 2024

Federal Ammunition Tour

June 14, 2024

**FILLED** 4th Annual Lake Superior Fishing Charter

Lake Superior

June 25, 2024

Member and Me Mille Lacs Fishing Charter

July 9, 2024

Whitewater rafting

July 24, 2024

Paint Ball

Lakeville, MN

I signed up for Heroes Helping Heroes and started going to social events where I could be myself and feel welcome even when I was struggling with healing from PTSD. First-It simply got me out of the house and now I have built some great friendships with many other members. Instead of just suffering from PTSD- H3 helped me to see past a diagnosis and grow healthier through experiencing healthy life activities again! I am thankful to be a member of Heroes Helping Heroes.


I have been a member of Heroes Helping Heroes since its inception by retired Minneapolis Police Sergeant Chris Steward. He had been reaching out and touching the lives of officers and other first responder’s who have since left their careers of service. The events that H3 has been organizing are thoughtful and diverse, allowing for it’s members to enjoy various activities. I have been to many of these events over the past several months and it has given me an opportunity to engage in activities with other members who have similar shared experiences. I have enjoyed the connections and friendships I have built through H3. I encourage people to become members and to support this organization and each other.


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